Pane e Vino: A Good Catch Dinner

Monday, August 31, savor an authentic Italian four-course Good Catch dinner at Pane e Vino! Chef Alfredo Temelini has prepared a mouthwatering menu with wine pairings that includes only the freshest, finest ingredients. A Good Catch Platinum Partner, Pane e Vino goes above and beyond, working with Good Catch Manager Shelley Dearhart to ensure all of their seafood menu items are responsibly-harvested. Chef Temelini and Shelley will present each course and highlight their sustainable […]


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Stranding Location: Kiawah, SC

Arrival Date: 07/18/2015

Age: juvenile

Weight: 36.3 kg (~80 pounds)
Case History
This juvenile loggerhead was rescued by the amazing Kiawah Beach Patrol near the Ocean Course Clubhouse. One look at this sea turtle and patrollers knew s/he needed assistance. Kia was clearly underweight and laying lethargically on the beach, and s/he was covered in green and brown algae which gave her shell a furry appearance. This turtle had clearly been sick and […]


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Stranding Location: Charleston Harbor, SCC

Arrival Date: 07/16/2015

Age: juvenile

Weight: 30.0 kg (~66 pounds)
Case History
This small juvenile loggerhead was incidentally caught in a trawl net in the Charleston Harbor and brought on board an education vessel operated by the SCDNR, the E/V Discovery. Once onboard, Discovery biologists took one look at this sub adult loggerhead and immediately knew something was wrong. The loggerhead we’ve named Discovery was thin, lethargic, and had old wounds […]

Small Fish, Big Impact

Choosing small, less common species may help replenish the ocean’s fish populations.

A recent New Yorker article by John Donohue, The Case for Eating Small Fish, highlights one aspect of the urgent need for a shift in the worldwide seafood supply and demand chain. A potential approach we can take to reduce overfishing? Choosing forage fish when ordering at a restaurant or grocery store.

Small fish, also known as forage fish, such as herring, mackerel and […]

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