Members Get an Up-Close Animal Encounter at the Reptile Discovery Program

On a scale from 1-10, the Aquarium’s Reptile Discovery program was definitely a 10!  Last Saturday, February 21, members of all ages met Aquarium herpetologist Josh Zalabak, who taught an exclusive hands-on program about the Aquarium’s reptile collection.

Hearts raced as Josh presented one of the Aquarium’s copperhead snakes – a venomous species. Josh pointed out the characteristics that distinguish this snake from other non-venomous snakes found in South Carolina. He also introduced Kettle the […]

Aquarium Educators Attend Interpreters Conference in Puerto Rico!

This February, Aquarium Education Instructors Ashley Bradt and Drew Heyward were each awarded a scholarship to attend the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) Conference in Puerto Rico!

Ashley and Drew spent four days attending educational talks, enjoying the Puerto Rican culture and networking with nature interpreters from the NAI Sunny Southeast Region, which includes the southeastern United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The conference focused on the importance of connecting people and educating […]

Homeschool Explorers Club: Fish

The Aquarium’s third Homeschool Explorers Club went swimmingly on Wednesday, January 14. Students of all ages learned about fish with interactive activities such as a fish-themed scavenger hunt, a dive show and feeding in the Great Ocean Tank, and a special shark talk with Aquarist Jen Skoy.

Education stations around the Aquarium gave students the opportunity to learn through hands-on activities and speak with Aquarium educators. Using a dichotomous key, students identified fish in the tallest […]

Homeschool Explorers Club: Birds of Prey

Wednesday, November 12 was all about birds during Homeschool Explorers Club Day at the Aquarium. From the mountains to the sea, homeschooled guests discovered the many wonders of our feathered friends with bird-watching, beak and feather identification, and an exclusive Birds of Prey talk.

Education stations around the Aquarium gave students a variety of hands-on learning opportunities and the chance to speak with Aquarium educators. Starting their journey in the Mountain Forest, students learned about […]

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