High School Intern Program

Kale’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

The internship is almost over and I wish it wasn’t! These have been the best eight weeks with the most amazing people. I have gained knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. I have learned an incredible amount about aquarium life but also have gained people skills and learned how to be the best coworker I can be…A FRED! I have been inspired constantly by all the education staff and part-timers. I’m really [...]

Josh’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

The internship program has really been a fun and inspiring experience for myself and is a great summer program to commit to. It is a good stepping stone for any career path a person chooses to go into, whether it is in environmental sciences, communications or even business. I, personally, am so glad and proud of myself for even getting into the program and gaining the experience I need for my ideal career and [...]

Haven’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

I love the Aquarium! I’ve learned so much here and I’ve spread my knowledge to others. You learn a lot of cool facts here and I’m just honestly grateful for the chance and opportunity to work here. I would like to thank Kate and Drew for picking me as one of the interns, and also our wonderful sponsors for allowing us to have this great program. To be honest, I didn’t think I was [...]

Jesslyn’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

The HSIP is an amazing opportunity that truly exposed me to a workplace where customer service, caring for animals and doing your best was strongly encouraged and recognized. I learned a lot about engaging with guests and providing my services to them. I also learned how to appreciate my current and future jobs in a new light by reading FRED and observing the way the amazing Aquarium staff handles their tasks and intentions with [...]

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