High School Intern Program

High School Intern Program February Class

HSIP February class!

We are halfway done (already) with the training classes! We have completed our second training classes and everyone is gearing up for class 3 in March! The students visited Charles Towne Landing and enjoyed behind the scenes and cannon firings. They loved seeing the animals that were in Charleston when the settlers arrived in 1670, especially the new red wolf exhibit. Back at the Aquarium, we reviewed how to create cover letters […]

The Year’s 1st Training Class

The first training classes have already taken place and we are getting ready for February’s classes, which will start in a few weeks. We started off each class with teambuilding so the students could get to know one another. Everyone got a lot closer through the Human Knot (see pics above). Don’t worry-we won’t make these students complete the Knot again! Each group made goals for the training classes and then we reviewed some […]

Congratulations to our Top 20 Students

Congratulations to our top 20 students that have made it into the spring training classes for our 2014 High School Intern Program! This is our 10th year for the program and we are so excited for another round of impressive students. Special thank you to all of our donors for this year, The Boeing Employees Community Fund, Google, Alcoa Foundation, and VWR Foundation; without them, this program would not be possible. Thank you also […]

Lexi’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

The internship is literally the best thing ever! I’m so glad Kate came to my school to speak to me about this program. Every ounce of effort you put into becoming an intern is completely worth it. The encounters and activities you experience at the Aquarium are some that most people will never get to experience. I feel like the internship not only impacts the summers of the interns, but it impacts the rest […]

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