High School Intern Program

Jax’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

I can’t believe it’s almost over! Words can’t express how much I’ll miss coming to the Aquarium 4 days a week and seeing everyone’s smiling faces. Everyone has taught me so much about things that I know I’ll never learn anywhere else. The most important thing that I’ve learned is that my happiness can make someone else happy and vice versa. It’s impossible to be unhappy at the Aquarium because all of the staff’s [...]

Jen’s Last Blog…Thoughts and Advice

This internship is FANTASTIC! I have learned so much about a lot of animals. What this internship really helped me on the most is figuring out what I want to do after high school. Because of the internship, I am more aware of the environment and my surroundings, and would like to inform others of what is going on and what they could do to help. Another very important trait the internship helped me [...]

Jesslyn’s Favorite Part

Choosing a favorite part of the internship is an impossible task. I really love seeing and interacting with guests, and of course, animals. The wonderful staff is always friendly, helpful, and incredibly fun to work with. The guests are usually eager to learn and satisfying their inquisitiveness is very gratifying. The animals are always very exciting to see – what other jobs allow you to educate others about snakes, owls, alligators, turtles, stingrays and [...]

Alexis’ Favorite Part

I have a lot of favorite parts but one of them is the animal programs. I love seeing people’s faces when I have an animal out. There are only two reactions I will see, which is really excited or really scared. It’s so fun picking up an animal, people love touching them and they like asking questions. The most asked question is “you’re not scared?” That is my favorite part of the day. I [...]

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