Sea Turtle Rescue Program


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Stranding Location: In-Water Rescue at Bay Point, SC

Arrival Date: 05/28/2015

Age: Juvenile

Weight: 28.88 kg (~64 lb.)
Case History
This 28.88 kg juvenile loggerhead was rescued May 28th by SC Department of Natural Resources staff, who discovered this clearly ill loggerhead in the water at Bay Point. Named “Pointer,” this turtle also has an older partial amputation of her right front flipper. Her prognosis is fair and, assuming she recovers, s/he will have no problems surviving […]


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Stranding Location: Edingsville Beach, SC

Arrival Date: 05/27/2015

Age: Sub-adult

Weight: 47.52 kg (~105 lb.)
Case History
Named in honor of his stranding location, this sub-adult loggerhead was found stranded on the NE end of Edingsville Beach by a caring couple who recognized the importance of reporting the stranding to the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). SCDNR monitors and responds to a 24-hour hotline number (800.922.5431) that the public is encouraged to use to report both […]


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)
Stranding Location: In-Water Capture in Botany Bay, SC

Arrival Date: 05/29/2015

Age: Juvenile

Weight: 49.4 kg (~109 lb.)
Case History
This 49.4 kg sub-adult loggerhead was captured May 29th by the SC Department of Natural Resources’ sea turtle research vessel, the RV Lady Lisa. The blood work and physical exam performed on board the vessel revealed severe debilitation and necessitated this animal’s admission into our sea turtle hospital. Our hospital is currently over capacity and we’ve had […]

The Sea Turtle Hospital Experiences Record-Breaking May

The Sea Turtle Rescue Program has admitted a record number of sick and injured sea turtles this spring. May and June are typically the busiest months for live South Carolina turtle standings, and the most our Sea Turtle Hospital has admitted in the past was six in June 2013. This year, we admitted eleven new sea turtles in May alone.


Our Sea Turtle Rescue team has been working around-the-clock to save these severely debilitated animals, […]

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