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Create your own Aquarium Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day from the South Carolina Aquarium!
Click the image to download the PDF. Then, just print, color and cut.

Special SEWE Discounts & Valentine’s Day Enrichment

This Friday through Sunday, guests who take part in the Southeastern Wildlife Festival (SEWE) will enjoy special discounts to the Aquarium.

SEWE Discount Opportunities:

SEWE ticket holders enjoy $5 off Aquarium admission.
VIP SEWE ticket holders enjoy 50% off Aquarium admission.

On Friday, February 14, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, guests will enjoy a special glimpse at the love and care provided to the Aquarium’s animal collection. Animal enrichment, critical to the health and well-being of our collection […]

Bonnethead Shark Pups

The South Carolina Aquarium is excited to announce some “new additions” to the Aquarium family.  We aren’t talking about the small, furry kind—these are bonnethead shark pups! Bonnethead sharks are native to South Carolina and are commonly found right off our coast. They are part of the Sphyrnidae family, which includes more than 10 species of hammerhead-like sharks. Check out these little bonnethead pups:

Our female bonnethead sharks gave birth a few weeks ago.

The mama […]

Spiny Tail Iguanas

There are some new scaly additions to the Aquarium’s Madagascar Journey Exhibit. Spiny tail iguanas are now making friends with our spider tortoises. We decided to put them on exhibit to show even more of the incredible diversity that lives on Madagascar. This iguana species is actually very social; they live in colonies ruled by a pecking order.

They can get up to more than a foot long and actually change color, inflate their body, […]

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