Project Description

Mantella Frog

Mantella aurantiaca

Aquarium Location



Forest, typically found living on the ground of east central Madagascar.
Mantella frogs are generally found on land but near a freshwater source.


Their range does not often exceed a couple of hectares. which is just over the size of a football field.


Insects. A majority of a mantella frog’s diet consists of ants and termites.

Fun Facts

The toxins secreted from their body come from their prey: ants, termites and other insects carrying alkaloids.
In a captive setting, unless fed its regular diet, mantella frogs will no longer be poisonous.
The colors on a mantella frog may act as a warning to ward off predators. The bright coloring indicates poison.
mantella frogs can often be indicator species as they are very sensitive to changes in their environment.
Male mantella frogs court the female using a variety of calls.

Cool Adaptation

Mantella frogs have suction like discs on their toes to aid in stabilizing.

Conservation Connection

Mantella frogs are largely found in the pet trade. Certain restrictions have been put into place with the intention of limiting this trade to some extent. Mantella frog habitats are also suffering from current and potential commercial development.