Project Description

Panther Chameleon

Furcifer pardalis

Aquarium Location



Can typically be found in dry deciduous forests. They do prefer to be in close proximity to a stream or river. Males are typically found at higher elevation than females.


Distributed throughout the island of Madagascar but larger populations are found in the northern region and central eastern coast.


Diet consists of invertebrates.

Fun Facts

Females will turn a specific color pattern when they have successfully bred and are no longer receptive to males. This color pattern is a dark stomach sometimes exhibiting orange stripes indicating the lack of interest in further mating
A panther chameleon’s range is extremely small as it typically remains near one tree or shrub its whole life.
Known to be an aggressive species of chameleon.
The Greek name for chameleon, “khamaileon” translates to “on the ground, lion”
Chameleon eyes do not see well at night.

Cool Adaptation

Panther Chameleons have close to 360 degree vision using their rotatable eyes.

Conservation Connection

Habitat destruction and capture for the international pet trade are the only current threats to this species’ survival.