Come Fingers to Fins with Sharks!


Opens May 9, 2015

The South Carolina Aquarium is excited to announce the most significant enhancement to our guest experience since opening our doors in 2000.  Shark Shallows, a new exhibit providing guests with an amazing opportunity to experience sharks and rays at their fingertips, will open May 2015 against the beautiful backdrop of the Charleston Harbor.


Come Fingers to Fins with Sharks

Shark Shallows will be the first exhibit of its type in our region, allowing guests of all ages to touch sharks and rays in an innovative outdoor exhibition. At the shallow level, guests will reach out and feel sharks of the same species that live off South Carolina’s coasts, while at the deep end, they will come face-to-face with these stunning creatures. The exhibit will seamlessly integrate with the current Aquarium building, featuring architecture reminiscent of sailboats often seen from the overlook.

Thanks to our Donors

Shark Shallows is made possible through the tremendous generosity of our community of supporters. From regional corporations to local philanthropists, donors believing in the Aquarium’s mission have joined together to make this exciting new exhibition come to life.

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