How was your first week as an intern?

17 June 2014: The first week I worked here at the Aquarium was just pure amazingness! Everyone is so supportive, congenial and full of great energy. Even though I was here the first week for only two days, it was pretty relaxing and engaging! I’m learning new things everyday about the animals (like the turtles and the alligators) and the cart programs allow me to interactive with guests more. Touch tanks tend to get pretty rowdy (OH MY GAWD.) but it’s also something good to do before easing into bigger things later. One of the best parts is the people I get to work with – not only my fellow high school interns, but also Aqua Teens, volunteers and college interns. They’re really cool and interesting people to talk to and I love them! Honestly; it’s hard not to have a good mood here; I know it’s going to be a great summer working at the Aquarium. By the way Ash and Drew, it’s always wonderble (spelled intentionally) to have you guys around! Thanks for doing the good teaching! Oh, and one of these days, I will conquer Alligator #6 (Malicious)… HE/SHE WILL NOT GET THE BEST OF ME!

What did you think about helping with Husbandry tasks?

26 June 2014: The Husbandry tasks here at the Aquarium are extremely fun! To me personally, they’re kind of engaging. It always annoys me when I am scrubbing the tanks in the Salt Marsh and there are algae all the way at the bottom! UGH!! Anyways, cleaning the snakes’ can be pretty fun as well! It gives me the opportunity to practice with the snakes and make sure they have nice, clean homes. Ultimately, I feel good whenever the staff tells my fellow interns and I their appreciation for helping out. It’s always good to give a helping hand when you can!

You are halfway through your internship, what your thoughts?

7 July 2014: Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having this internship forever. Its such a fun experience! Everybody here is just amazing. The volunteers and staff are great and Im really bonding with my fellow interns. The Tasks! Much Fun! Especially the animal programs and cart programs. I think the cart programs are a great way to educate and inspire conservation and the animal programs are exhilarating. But most importantly I feel like I have grown being here in terms of hospitality and what I do at home. You have no idea how much I recycle now! In conclusion, I love it here. And I don’t want to leave, you guys are making it awesome! Thanks!

What is your favorite part of the internship so far?

21 July 2014: My favorite part of the internship so far is doing the animal programs and doing husbandry duties! Animal programs are so fun to do, because I get to handle animals and talk to people about them. I never knew snakes would be soooo cute! The alligators, although they are feisty, can be pretty cute, too. My favorite turtles/tortoises to use are the gopher tortoises; I find them very, very interesting to learn about. I was about to do my Expert worksheet on them! Speaking of worksheets and research, that’s also my favorite part of the animal programs! The education and learning experience from animals programs are amazing since I get to learn about all these neat creatures! The learning also inspires me in some aspects, for example: when I first learned more about horseshoe crabs, I actually created a fictional creature based off it for one of my stories. Learning about animals is so cool! And then, I get to share them with the guests so they can know how cool they are! For the husbandry duties, I find them actually… fun. They’re pretty engaging (I always get frustrated at the algae scratches in the Salt Marsh tanks!!). Cleaning the SM protein tanks, while incredibly yucky, is pretty worthwhile. The tanks are kept clean for the fish and the husbandry staff doesn’t have to worry about it! It’s all a win-win! Oh, I think I forgot one thing. You guys (Ash, Drew and my fellow interns) are also the best part of the internship. Getting to work with you guys every day and seeing your beautiful faces (yes, even Drew, Philip and TJ :D) is always reassuring and great! I’m always learning something from you guys whether it’s about the aquarium, you guys personally or dating advice (lol!) Thank you!

What advice would you give future applicants?

2 August 2014: My advice for the future younglings for the High School Internship is this: HAVE FUN! It’s an amazing opportunity and with people like the staff and volunteers around, I don’t see how you will not have fun. The best part is the learning experience about South Carolina, its history, its environment and all the natural beauties about it. Especially the ANIMALS! No other place will get you acquainted with both animals and people than this swagging aquarium! It’s going to be an adventure with Drew and Ashley at your side! Good luck!