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A Quick Note From Kelly

Apr 09

A Quick Note From Kelly

To the conservation-minded community,

Did you know this month is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day? My April calendar was full of Earth Day events that I was either working or attending but in the current state of affairs, that calendar is wiped clean. Unfortunately, all of our calendars are. So how can we celebrate Earth Day and protect the planet while also protecting ourselves and our families from COVID-19? Take the South Carolina Aquarium Solo Sweep Challenge!

With over 800,000 items logged into the Litter-free Digital Journal, we’re on the march to a million and we want your help to get us to the finish line! Our new routines call for social distancing and essential travel only. Fortunately, taking walks in our neighborhood is still okay. In fact, sunshine, fresh air and exercise are not only good for our minds, they’re good for our health. If you’re taking walks, the next step to do a solo sweep is easy – you just need a bag to collect litter, a mitten, glove or picker and the Litter-free Digital Journal, a project of the South Carolina Citizen Science app, on your mobile device!

Wonder how litter data is used? Data from the Litter-free Digital Journal has been shared by citizens and businesses to inform many of the 19 municipal ordinances around single-use plastic throughout South Carolina. I often say that human health and environmental health are intrinsically linked and folks, our planet is hurting. So while we try to heal from this pandemic, let’s heal the Earth that is so loving and giving to us.

We’re all in this, #alonetogether.



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