Protect Blue, Think Green

Since we’re surrounded by natural beauty, caring for our planet is at the heart of everything we do at the South Carolina Aquarium, from the choices we make about eating seafood to the business decisions we make in the workplace. We invite you to join us in creating a world where wildlife and wild places will forever be protected.

  • Since 2001, the Aquarium has recycled more than 150 tons of everything from cardboard and paper to wine corks and ink cartridges.
  • Our saltwater tanks are filled with water from the Charleston Harbor and we use native plants in our landscaping because they naturally require less water.

The South Carolina Aquarium proudly adopted a section of Folly Beach off of 6th Street West through the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s (DHEC) Marine Debris Initiative. DHEC defines marine debris as any man-made object discarded, disposed of, or abandoned that enters the coastal or marine environment. Aquarium staff and volunteers meet several times a year at our adopted beach location to spend a few hours picking up debris to help keep our coast clean.  Join our wave of ocean advocates by signing up for e-news. We send out the date and time of beach sweeps in advance so you can plan to attend.

How to Join Us in Thinking Green

  • Refrain from dumping your saltwater aquarium pets and plants where they may become invasive and damage local habitats.
  • Create an ocean friendly outdoor space by planting native plants and using fewer lawn chemicals to prevent runoff into nearby waterways.
  • Put mulch around your trees and flowers. Not only does it make your lawn look great, it also decreases the evaporation of water.
  • Plant during the spring or fall when watering requirements are lower.
  • Avoid overfishing of waterways by practicing catch and release.
  • Remember the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Find creative and fun alternative uses for items that normally end up in the trash.
  • Replace light bulbs with fluorescent or LED bulbs; you’ll save energy and money.
  • Bring your own bags to grocery stores to reduce the likelihood of plastic bags ending up in our oceans.

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