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Pearl’s Journey

Pearl arrived at our Sea Turtle Care Center in April with fishing line entangled around her front flipper. Our vet team immediately set to work removing the fishing line and doing everything they could to save her flipper. After months of antibiotics and medical treatments, Pearl’s flipper was much improved.

But her journey didn’t stop there.

Vet staff noticed a pink mass on Pearl’s shell and, upon further investigation, confirmed it was fibropapilloma, a virus similar to a herpes virus and a common affliction of young green sea turtles in the wild. Since then, our veterinarian team has been diligently treating the virus and removing new growths. Once she is completely growth-free, she will be considered for release.

Luckily, even with these formidable obstacles in her journey, this spirited turtle has not lost any of her appetite or charisma. She eats over a pound of veggies a day, and she has won the hearts of staff and volunteers alike. 

We’re certain she’ll win your heart, too. Thank you for supporting the journey home!

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