Landmark, the Aquarium’s five-year strategic plan, will guide our organization to innovate in areas of conservation, education and animal care, and to animate and transform our city’s eastern peninsula. At its core, Landmark is about connection — to the world within our walls and beyond, to the waterfront and to one another.

The Pillars of Landmark

East Peninsula Planning

Creating a community gathering space for learning, connection, opportunity and access to the waterfront lies at the heart of our plan to revitalize Charleston’s east peninsula. Our first foray into this vision is the Boeing Learning Lab at the Charleston Maritime Center, the peninsula’s first waterfront multidisciplinary learning center that will unlock the harbor for the greater Charleston area and bring world-class STEM education programs to the students of South Carolina.

World Within Our Walls

Experiences with a lasting impact on our guests is our fundamental goal as we reimagine the world within our walls. Through Landmark, we’re planning for innovative, accessible and immersive rebuilds in our current galleries to showcase relevant connections to water, wildlife and wild places, as well as creating a new rotating exhibit space to facilitate a changing educational and exciting guest experience.

World Beyond Our Walls

As leaders in conservation, research and fieldwork, our purpose is to evoke positive change in the habitats that make up the Palmetto State along with the communities and creatures that reside within. Our work beyond our walls will continue to expand as we find new ways to connect with the communities we serve, create opportunities for dialogue and engagement and conceptualize new avenues for learning and actionable change.

Institutional Sustainability

Ensuring the Aquarium is secure, both financially and structurally, is critical to connect people to water, wildlife and wild places for generations to come. Considering future economic and environmental stressors that could shift the way we operate — along with consistently evaluating our standards and best practices in animal care and wellbeing — we aim to fortify our institution through funding, building upfits and more.
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