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May 19


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: Fishing Pier, Myrtle Beach State Park, SCArrival Date: 05/17/2015Age: JuvenileWeight: 24.1 kg (~52 lb.)

Case History

Conscientious fishermen at Myrtle Beach State Park’s (MBSP) fishing pier foul-hooked this small loggerhead in the front flipper. Upon bringing the turtle up with a large dip net to remove the hook prior to release, they noticed the turtle appeared to be in poor health and contacted MBSP Ranger Ann Malys-Wilson. His rescuers then contacted the SC Department of Natural Resources for guidance in whether or not to release him and, luckily for the turtle, it was determined that he should be admitted into our Sea Turtle Hospital.


This loggerhead, named “Socastee,” arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon on Sunday and immediately began receiving treatment. Since this animal was rescued from the water prior to becoming so weak that it stranded on the beach, overall health was certainly poor (indicative of Debilitated Turtle Syndrome) but not critical. The heart was beating strongly at 28 beats per minute and blood work revealed marginal values (PCV 11, total solids 1.9). Fluids and antibiotics were administered, and prognosis is good.


27 May 2015: Socastee’s recovery is progressing smoothly! We are thankful that all involved in his rescue accurately identified that this animal was suffering from a severe illness and chose not to simply release him back into the ocean, as it is likely that his health would have continued to decline and he would have stranded on the beach at some later time. This loggerhead is currently strong enough to swim in a full tank of filtered water, and is consuming about 1.0% of his body weight in healthy salmon and mackerel on a daily basis.13 June 2015: Because of the massive influx of sick and injured turtles being admitted into the Sea Turtle Hospital, Portia, Sewee, Socastee and Miss Pine were transferred to the Karen Beasley Rescue and Rehabilitation Center to finish their rehabilitation. We are grateful to Jean Beasley and her team for helping us in such a busy time.

Transfer Date

June 13, 2015


Karen Beasley Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

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