Oct 22

An Update on “Huntington”

I was surprised to learn about the health problem of my favorite patient when I first started my internship with the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program. She is a large loggerhead named Huntington and is recovering from an intestinal impaction caused by a dense mass of scallop shells,…
Sep 24


loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Stranding Location: Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey Arrival Date: 09/24/2013 Age: subadult Weight: 34 kg (~79 lb.) Case History Jersey was originally caught on September 1, 2013 in a cooling canal for the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant in New Jersey. Getting pulled in…
Sep 23

September 14, 2013 Sea Turtle Release

Thanks to all who came out to watch Parker, Dennis, Crosby and Skully be returned to the ocean after several months of rehabilitation at the South Carolina Aquarium! For those of you that were unable to make it, here are a few shots of these beautiful creatures going home. Parker:…
Jun 20

Miss Royal

loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Stranding Location: RV Lady Lisa, SCDNR research vessel outside of Hilton Head Island Arrival Date: 06/20/2013 Age: adult Weight: 97.1 kg (~215 lb.) Case History Miss Royal, a 215 lb. adult female was caught on board the SCDNR research vessel the Lady Lisa, just off of Hilton…
Jun 20


loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Stranding Location: DeBordieu Beach, SC Arrival Date: 06/20/2013 Age: juvenile Weight: 32.0 kg (~71 lb.) Case History Nud was the second of three stranded loggerhead turtles to arrive on June 20th (the other two were Miss Royal and Pluff). Unfortunately, Nud was critically ill after stranding alive…
May 30


loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Stranding Location: In-water rescue near Huntington Beach State Park, SC Arrival Date: 05/30/2013 Age: juvenile Weight: 65.6 kg (~145 lb.) Case History Huntington, a 145 lb. loggerhead was seen floating and unable to dive in the water off of Huntington Beach by a family boating in the…
May 20


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Stranding Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC Arrival Date: 05/20/2013 Age: sub-adult Weight: 56.5 kg (~125 lb.) Case History The currents washed this large, severely debilitated loggerhead ashore in North Myrtle Beach Monday morning. Covered with epibionts like barnacles and sea lettuce, it was obvious this emaciated turtle…
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