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Take Climate Action: Be a Conscious Consumer

Nov 08

Take Climate Action: Be a Conscious Consumer

‘Tis the season to peruse the shelves for the perfect gifts for friends and family! Did you know that the gifts you choose can have a big impact on the environment? As you start to make your list, be sure to check it twice to ensure you’re taking positive climate action!

Add to Cart: Sustainable Choices
Consumerism’s greatest impact on the climate is caused by the production and transportation of goods. In the United States alone, we create 25% more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and much of that is correlated to gift giving. Everything we purchase plays a part in an item’s climate impact — from the item’s composition and method of transportation, to miles traveled and packing supplies.

That’s why it’s critical to keep a conscious mindset when making your shopping decisions. Consider the following earth-friendly this holiday season:

  • Pull at the heartstrings. Create homemade items that are cost effective, carry sentimental value and can be made from materials you already have.
  • Find treasure from other’s trash. Seek out secondhand items to keep them from bogging down landfills and breathe new life into previously discarded pieces.
  • How it’s made matters. Look for items made with materials that have been recycled or repurposed, as well as materials with a longer, stronger lifespan. The longevity of a gift is just as important to reduce waste!
  • Look for locally made. Buy from local businesses to keep money within your community and eliminate the climate-costly transport of goods.
  • Gift memories, not materialism. Give the gift of entertaining experiences (like a visit or membership to your local zoo or aquarium) to create lasting memories that become part of a person’s story.

To Wrap Up…
How you give your gift can be just as important as what’s inside! Think outside the box (literally and figuratively) to wrap your gifts:

  • Use scarves, bandanas, tea towels or recycled newspaper in lieu of traditional wrapping paper.
  • Tie it up with twine or raffia instead of plastic-based ribbon.
  • Add some pizzazz with foraged finds from nature, like fallen leaves, mini branches or pinecones instead of a bow.
  • Top it off with a gift tag made from discarded mail envelopes!

Want to shop local this holiday season? Check out Lowcountry Local First’s business directory to discover your next shopping stop!

Published November 8, 2022

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