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Update on Briar

Aug 23

Update on Briar

If you are an avid follower of our blog or made a visit to the hospital in late May, you probably remember Briar, a horribly ill loggerhead with a grim prognosis. On the night we received Briar, we found her barely clinging to life, emaciated and with horrible blood values. Staff and volunteers rushed in every morning fingers crossed that she was still with us. Briar proved to be a fighter, amazing us all by making improvements everyday!

It has been 3 months since Briar was admitted, and she looks like a completely different turtle! After being moved from critical care, Briar developed a huge appetite and has been eating 2 pounds of fish and blue crabs daily. Becasue of her active appetite, she has gained approximately 50 pounds and is now at a healthy weight of 165 lb. She has become a favorite on tours, showing her fiesty side trying to bite anything that passes by the window! This change in behavior is an indicator that she feeling much better. During her last medical work up, blood work had improved drastically since admittance but showed she is still slightly anemic. Iron injections have been started and our fingers are crossed for a late summer release!

Come visit Briar and the rest of our patients on a behind-the-scenes Sea Turtle Hospital Tour, now offered 7 days a week, at 12:00 pm & 2:00pm!

Whitney Daniel

Sea Turtle Biologist

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