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The South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch generates awareness and leads communities in support of healthy fisheries and consumption of responsibly harvested seafood.

Pledge To Ask

Sustainability Starts
with You

A ‘Good Catch’ is sustainable, one that is caught or farmed with consideration for the long-term viability of their species and for the ocean’s ecological balance as a whole. You can make a Good Catch by choosing seafood from local, sustainably managed fisheries and dining at restaurants that do the same. Together we will make a difference, one restaurant, one business, one school, one family, and one individual at a time.

Ask Before You Order

As a consumer, your voice will save our oceans – get on board! Whether you’re at your local grocery store, fish market or favorite restaurant,#PledgeToAsk your server or grocer where your seafood came from and how it was harvested.  Supporting local and domestic fisheries is the best choice because the United States has some of the strictest fishing regulations in the world. Join us – make the pledge to Ask Before You Order by visiting askbeforeyouorder.org.

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