Education Outreach

Let the South Carolina Aquarium come to you! Our Education Outreach team travels all over the state hoping to inspire people of all ages to care for water, wildlife, and wild places.

Our programming brings interactive learning to your facility through engaging activities, including wildlife artifacts and live animals. Each standards-based program can be adapted for your specific needs.

42 of 46 Counties served by Education Outreach since 2008

Program fees (*plus additional mileage fee)

All programs are $175 for the first program and $125 for each additional program. There is a price increase for programs that require an overnight stay.


$15 flat rate for up to 30 miles round trip. Any additional mileage will be charged $0.85 per mile.

Early Childhood

(25 students max/program)
2-3 years old: 30 minute program
4-5 years old: 45 minute program

Ocean Critters

Dive into a vibrant ocean habitat to learn where animals live underneath the sea. Participants will also meet some of our local live marine invertebrates that call the ocean home.

Pond Explorers

Watch your classroom turn into a pond as we learn about this freshwater habitat. We’ll read an interactive story about a hungry frog and introduce your students to live native pond dwellers.

Swampy Snack

Practice counting from one to ten by meeting a variety of story animals that live near a swamp! Help Mr. Alligator find the perfect snack and meet live animals following the interactive story.


All school programs are 60 minutes (35 students max/program).

Habitat Hunt: Grades K-2

Whether they live in the ocean, the forest, or in the mountains, what do all animals need in their habitats to survive? Discover the different resources that animals need in their homes and meet a variety of live animals from habitats in South Carolina.
2014 Science Standards:
K.S.1A.1, K.S.1A.8, K.L.2A.1, K.L.2A.3, K.L.2A.5, K.L.2A.6
1.S.1A.1, 1.S.1A.8, 1.E.4B.2
2.S.1A.1, 2.S.1A.8, 2.L.5A.1, 2.L.5A.2, 2.L.5B.1, 2.L.5B.2, 2.L.5B.3

Food Chain Survival: Grades 3-5

Let’s work together to build a salt marsh food chain in your classroom! Interact with live examples of consumers, decomposers and apex predators learning how plants and animals use their adaptations to survive.
2014 Science Standards:
3.S.1A.1, 3.S.1A.2, 3.S.1A.6, 3.S.1A.8, 3.L.5A.2, 3.L.5B.1
4.S.1A.1, 4.S.1A.2, 4.S.1A.6, 4.S.1A.8, 4.L.5B.3
5.S.1A.1, 5.S.1A.2, 5.S.1A.6, 5.S.1A.8, 5.L.4B.1, 5.L.4B.2, 5.L.4B.3, 5.L.4B.4

Coastal Creators: Grades K-5

Discover the beauty and importance of South Carolina’s saltmarsh ecosystem. Students will create this amazing habitat and meet some of its inhabitants.
2014 Science Standards:
K.S.1A.1, K.S.1A.8, K.L.2A.1, K.L.2A.3, K.L.2A.5, K.L.2A.6
1.S.1A.1, 1.S.1A.8, 1.E.4B.2, 1.L.5B.1, 1.L.5B.2
2.S.1A.1, 2.S.1A.8, 2.L.5A.2, 2.L.5A.2, 2.L.5B.1, 2.L.5B.2, 2.L.5B.3, 2.L.5B.4
3.S.1A.1, 3.S.1A.8, 3.L.5A.1, 3.L.5B.1
4.S.1A.1, 4.S.1A.8, 4.L.5A.1, 4.L.5B.1, 4.L.5B.2, 4.L.5B.3
5.S.1A.1, 5.S.1A.8, 5.E.3B.2, 5.E.3B.3, 5.L.4A.1, 5.L.4A.2, 5.L.4B.1, 5.L.4B.3, 5.L.4B.4

E.S.I – Environmental Scene Investigation: Grades 5-8

Students become investigators challenged with finding the cause of environmental problems happening in South Carolina watersheds. The students will conduct water quality tests and analyze evidence to crack the case. The program concludes with live animals that depend on healthy watersheds for their survival.
2014 Science Standards:
5.S.1A.1, 5.S.1A.2, 5.S.1A.3, 5.S.1A.4, 5.S.1A.5, 5.S.1A.6, 5.S.1A.7, 5.S.1A.8, 5.S.1B.1, 5.E.3A.1, 5.E.3B.3
6.S.1A.1, 6.S.1A.2, 6.S.1A.3, 6.S.1A.4, 6.S.1A.5, 6.S.1A.6, 6.S.1A.7, 6.S.1A.8, 6.S.1B.1, 6.E.2A.3, 6.L.4B.2
7.S.1A.1, 7.S.1A.2, 7.S.1A.3, 7.S.1A.4, 7.S.1A.5, 7.S.1A.6, 7.S.1A.7, 7.S.1A.8, 7.S.1B.1, 7.P.2B.3, 7.EC.5A.3, 7.EC.5B.3
8.S.1A.1, 8.S.1A.2, 8.S.1A.3, 8.S.1A.4, 8.S.1A.5, 8.S.1A.6, 8.S.1A.7, 8.S.1A.8, 8.S.1B.1, 8.E.6B.2

Taxonomy: Grades 6-12

From invertebrates to vertebrates, our educator can bring live organisms to make learning about taxonomy come to life. Participants could see a cnidarian, mollusc, echinoderm, arthropod and chordates during this fun educational program.
2014 Science Standards:
6.S.1A.8, 6.L.4A.1, 6.L.4A.2, 6.L.4B.1, 6.L.4B.2, 6.L.4B.3
7.S.1A.8, 7.L.3B.1, 7.L.3B.2

Sea Turtle E.R.: Grades 6-12

Through a mock sea turtle stranding, students become sea turtle biologists to determine what happened to our injured sea turtle. Based on internal and external examinations, the students will use STEM skills to figure out the probable cause of the stranding and develop prospective treatment plans. Students will meet live animals and discuss conservation actions to help reduce human impacts on wildlife.
2014 Science Standards:
6.S.1A.1, 6.S.1A.2, 6.S.1A.3, 6.S.1A.4, 6.S.1A.5, 6.S.1A.6, 6.S.1A.7, 6.S.1A.8, 6.S.1B.1, 6.L.4B.3, 6.L.4B.4, 6.L.4B.5
7.S.1A.1, 7.S.1A.2, 7.S.1A.3, 7.S.1A.4, 7.S.1A.5, 7.S.1A.6, 7.S.1A.7, 7.S.1A.8, 7.S.1B.1, 7.L.3A.1, 7.L.3A.4, 7.L.3B.2, 7.EC.5A.3, 7.EC.5B.1, 7.EC.5B.3
8.S.1A.1, 8.S.1A.2, 8.S.1A.3, 8.S.1A.4, 8.S.1A.5, 8.S.1A.6, 8.S.1A.7, 8.S.1A.8, 8.S.1B.1, 8.E.6B.2
H.B.1A.1, H.B.1A.2, H.B.1A.3, H.B.1A.4, H.B.1A.5, H.B.1A.6, H.B.1A.7, H.B.1A.8, H.B.1B.1, H.B.6D.1

Programming for All Ages

We have programming for all ages, from kindergarten to adult! These programs are one hour and include wildlife artifacts and encounters with live animals.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Ponds, swamps, marshes and forests! These are homes to many amazing reptiles and amphibians. Our educators will introduce you to our scaly, slippery neighbors and teach you about their habitats and special adaptations.

Marine Invertebrates

The beaches of South Carolina provide habitat to a variety of cool and unique marine invertebrates. During this interactive program, you will play a game to learn about native beach dwellers that call the beach home.

Animal Enrichment: Turtle Art

Do you like to paint? Some animals do, too! Learn how the Aquarium enriches the lives of animals, such as turtles, by letting them paint. This program is great for artists and art enthusiasts alike!

STEM Event/Science Night

Want to liven up your STEM event or Science Night? Invite the Aquarium and we’ll bring artifacts and live animals that will be sure to delight all in attendance.

Library Programs

Attention librarians! Would you like to make the South Carolina Aquarium a part of your Summer Reading Program? Each year, we develop a program based on the summer reading theme that includes a fun activity and live animals.

Mountains to the Sea

From the upstate to the coast, South Carolina is covered in beautiful ecosystems. Explore these ecosystems as you meet native organisms and learn how they share the world with us. This program is geared more for an adult audience.

Book a Program or Tell Us More

Don’t see a program that fits your group? We’d love to come visit you too! Please fill out the inquiry form below and we’ll be in touch to see how we can best serve your organization.

If you’d like to book a program, please fill out the inquiry form and an outreach team member will contact you within 3 business days. Please note that we need at least 3 weeks notice for scheduling a program. For more information or questions, contact Education Outreach at (843) 577-FISH or email


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