Sea level rise, storm surge and changing ocean conditions are a serious threat to human health and safety, commerce and culture, and wildlife and natural habitats alike. We aim to educate South Carolina coastal citizens to prepare for the effects of climate change. Together, we can find solutions.

Resilience Initiative For Coastal Education (RICE)

The purpose of RICE is to move beyond elite scientific and policy discussions and make the topic of resilience accessible to everybody, providing individuals with the information they need to keep their families and communities safe. We have partnered with South Carolina ETV and the Medical University of South Carolina to conduct a series of town hall meetings and create a documentary addressing resilience.

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Sea Rise

How will sea level rise affect your home, work, and community? Just type your address into this interactive tool to discover how you will be affected by rising water. Use our environmental and population overlays to dive deeper into what sea rise means for your community, and help us keep the conversation going by contributing your own citizen science data.

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