The Aquarium serves as a source of wonder, inspiration and learning, offering lasting memories for all who walk through our doors. As we’ve grown through the years, so has our Aquarium family, including you. Make your mark and leave a legacy with opportunities to permanently and prominently display your name within the walls of the Aquarium.

Pillars of Support

The Aquarium was built on a foundation of education, conservation and connection to the natural world. From your very first visit to the milestone memories and everything in between, your family has bore witness to the wonder and magic inside these walls. Now, you have the opportunity to leave your mark for your future generations to find. The Pillars of Support enable you to make a lasting impression on the Aquarium landscape and become a part of each other’s family history.

With a gift starting at $500, payable over a set number of months, your family’s name will be beautifully and artistically displayed on a legacy fish on one of four pillars, prominently exhibited within the Aquarium’s Great Hall. Your fish will publicly recognize your family’s support and legacy within the Aquarium. Those who purchase a fish will also receive Conservation Steward benefits.

Purchase a fish online or by mailing in the Pillars of Support form.

Make your mark. Purchase a fish on the Pillars of Support.

Sea Turtle Wall

a wall in South Carolina Aquarium is decorated with turtles bearing the names of donors

What began with one rescued sea turtle and a kiddie pool in the basement of the Aquarium has transformed into a world-class Sea Turtle Care Center™. A few years ago, these sea turtle rehabilitation efforts previously confined to our basement hospital were reimagined for all guests to experience. Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery™ takes guests on the journey of sick and injured sea turtles from rescue to rehabilitation and release. Guests come face-to-face with sea turtles in our working hospital, watch our veterinary staff administer care and learn alongside interactive displays. Because of dedicated donors leading the way, this work was brought to life.

Once again, you have the opportunity to make your mark and show your support for the rescue, rehabilitation and release of these charismatic creatures. With a $2,500+ investment, payable over a set number of months, your name (or the name of someone you designate) will be displayed on a sea turtle plaque, prominently located in the entrance to Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery alongside other dedicated supporters. Your gift will be directly applied to the ongoing operations, research and diagnostic needs of the Sea Turtle Care Center. Those who purchase a sea turtle will also receive Watershed Society benefits.

Make your mark. Contact us to purchase a plaque for the Sea Turtle Wall.

For more information, please contact Carissa Bishop e at [email protected] or (843) 579-8552. Quantities are limited. Payment installment plans available.

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