South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch generates awareness and leads communities in support of local fisheries and consumption of responsibly harvested seafood.

Good Catch Goes Local

We define “local” as any type of seafood sourced from southeast regional fisheries, which range from North Carolina to the east coast of Florida. These fisheries adhere to some of the strongest regulations worldwide, which take into consideration the long-term viability of each species and the ocean’s ecological balance as a whole. They ensure each species that they harvest and sell is harvested at the correct age, in the correct quantity and during the correct season – making them a “good catch.”

Your Choice Makes a Difference

We work with local restaurants, seafood purveyors, caterers and collaborators who share our mission of supporting sustainable seafood practices. When you choose seafood from local, sustainably managed fisheries or dine with businesses that do the same, you become part of the movement to protect our oceans.

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Our Partners

Comprised of restaurants, purveyors and caterers, our partners have committed to serving a higher percentage of sustainable seafood sourced from southeast regional fisheries. Platinum partners are also committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic and following proper recycling procedures for their city.

What’s in Season?

Black Sea BassXXXX
Blue CrabXXXX
King & Spanish MackerelXXXX
Mahi MahiXXX
Oyster ClustersXXX
Oyster SinglesXXXX
Red PorgyXXX
Striped Sea BassXXXX
Vermilion SnapperXXXX

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