Good Catch

South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch leads and encourages communities in support of local, sustainable seafood practices and consumption of responsibly harvested seafood.  

Serving Our Community

Good Catch aims to educate consumers on how to interpret which seafood options are local and sustainable as well as make local seafood accessible to all members of the community through a variety of resources. Leading the way with our Good Catch partners, we work to increase demand and consumption of locally sourced seafood as well as support and promote businesses who commit to providing and identifying local seafood options. 

Love What’s Local

We define “local” as seafood harvested from North Carolina through the east coast of Florida, a region managed by multiple state and federal agencies that are charged with creating and implementing some of the strongest seafood regulations in the world. These regulations aim to ensure that each species harvested and sold is within the appropriate age or size range, in the correct quantity and within the directed season. By sticking to these guidelines, fishermen and aquaculture farmers are ensuring they’re leaving behind a healthy, balanced ecosystem for future generations.  


Your Choice Matters

We work with local restaurants, seafood purveyors, retailers, caterers, shellfish farmers and collaborators who share our mission of supporting sustainable seafood practices. When you choose local seafood or support businesses that do the same, you become part of the movement to protect our oceans, local economy and the livelihoods of our region’s fishermen and aquaculture farmers. Whenever you’re thinking of buying or ordering seafood, take the pledge to ask before you order! 


Our Partners

Our Good Catch partners are restaurants, purveyors, retailers, caterers, shellfish farmers and collaborators that dedicate efforts to communicate sustainably sourced seafood to their customers, purchase a certain percentage of their seafood from local sources and/or eliminate or minimize plastic use based on local ordinances. 


Seafood Connection

Good Catch Seafood Connection is a collaborative effort that provides free, local and sustainably harvested seafood to food insecure neighbors in the Lowcountry. Interweaving community partners with unique expertise and resources, Seafood Connection is projected to serve 5,000 meals annually, support local fishermen, keep local seafood truly local and enable community members to gain critical skills to build their future through the lens of local seafood.

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