Homeschool Explorers Club

Dive into fun and learning with our four-part series especially for homeschooling families!
Homeschool Explorers Club sessions deliver thematic activities designed for homeschooling families and their children in grades K-12. Each session includes age-appropriate classroom lessons, learning stations throughout the Aquarium, animal enrichments and a scavenger hunt.

Pricing Per Session
 General AdmissionAquarium Members
Grades K - 8 $17.95$9.50
Grades 9 - 12$23.95$13.50
Register for all four sessions at once!

Enjoy discounted pricing and ensure your students have a spot in all four sessions when you register for the series in advance. To purchase series tickets, call (843) 577-FISH (3474).

 Full Series
(total price)
Price Per Session
Grades K - 8 $38.00$9.50
Grades 9 - 12$54.00$13.50

2017-18 Sessions

All sessions take place from 10 am to 1 pm. Doors open and registration begins at 9 am.

Invertebrate Investigation

September 20, 2017
What do octopuses, spiders, crabs, insects and jellyfish have in common? They are all invertebrates! Explore the invertebrate world in the Aquarium and the Charleston Harbor, and learn about these spellbinding spineless species. Then, discover the powerful role of phytoplankton in our ecosystem and how the Aquarium team researches them.

Caring About Conservation

November 15, 2017
Conservation is the key to the future of our ecosystems. From habitat restoration to animal research, learn about the conservation projects we do here at the Aquarium. Find out how you can get involved in protecting our habitats, and discover new tools and technology to help you make a difference.

Fin-tastic Fish

January 17, 2018
From the channel catfish to the chain dogfish, what makes a fish a fish? Practice your ichthyology (fish science) skills, and learn about the variety of fish that swim at the Aquarium. Explore the characteristics and adaptations that make this diverse group of animals so fascinating to us. Find out how humans impact local fisheries, and discover what you can do to protect our oceans for the future.

Saving Sea Turtles

March 21, 2018
Sea turtles need our help, and at the Aquarium, we’re taking the lead to protect these important animals. Learn about the stories of rescue, rehabilitation and release that have inspired so many people to care about sea turtles. Discover how our research impacts the sea turtle populations that swim off our coast and what we can do to protect the turtles’ future.


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