Celebrate Shark Week at the South Carolina Aquarium!


Shark Week: August 8-14

Regarded as some of the most dangerous and fascinating predators of the sea, sharks captivate people of all ages. During Shark Week, August 8 – 14, explore the world of sharks with activities themed around the ocean’s apex predator. With an array of fun events, including returning favorites like Shark on the Shelf and some new surprises, you’ll go beyond the surface of the sharks’ story, discovering what makes these species unique and important.

While you experience Shark Week, stop by our newest exhibit, Shark Shallows, overlooking the Charleston Harbor. Touch live bonnethead sharks in their 20,000-gallon tank, separate shark myths from reality, and find out what you can do to promote conservation of shark species.



Track Mary Lee with OCEARCH

The Global Shark Tracker, an initiative of OCEARCH, enables people worldwide to track the movements of tagged sharks to better understand their seasonal migration and reproductive habits. One of the more famous sharks tracked by OCEARCH is Mary Lee, a 16-foot-long great white shark who is especially fond of the waters off the South Carolina coast. See where Mary Lee is now by visiting her tracking page.