Experience South Carolina

Be entertained by an intimate look at many of South Carolina’s native animals and plants as your journey through the Aquarium takes you from the mountains to the sea.

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Mountain Forest

After venturing past our bald eagle, look low and you’ll see fish in a stream. Look up to gaze at waterfalls spilling over a rocky gorge. Somewhere in the middle, you can find our river otters swimming, snacking or snoozing.


The Piedmont region (piedmont is French for foothills) gives you an eye-to-eye look at bass, crappies and suckers swimming in exhibits that showcase their natural habitats.

Coastal Plain

You’ll experience what it’s like to be in a swamp at twilight. See if you can spot cypress trees downed by Hurricane Hugo, American alligators, rattlesnakes, or a Venus flytrap.

Kids Coast

To ensure the safety of all guests and staff, this high-touch, interactive exhibit is temporarily closed.

Learn nature-based concepts through play and guided discovery. Operate hands-on schematics focusing on water filtration for Aquarium animals, participate in collaborative activities with your peers and learn about the Aquarium workers who keep our water clean.

Saltmarsh Aviary

The Saltmarsh Aviary is home to our 6,000-gallon stingray tank. The exhibit is also home to herons, diamondback terrapins and puffer fish.

Touch Tank

To ensure the safety of all guests and staff, this high-touch, interactive exhibit is temporarily closed.

Touch and feel several species of invertebrates, like hermit crabs, whelk, sea urchins, horseshoe crabs, and Atlantic stingrays. Aquarium staff and volunteers answer questions while you explore.


You’ll be amazed by the variety of fish living right off the coast of Charleston. You can test your knowledge of shells and try to hold your breath as long as a sea turtle.


It’s impossible to miss our two-story, 385,000-gallon Great Ocean Tank. You’ll practically rub noses with sharks and can wave a flipper hello to our 220-pound loggerhead sea turtle, Caretta. Divers interact with visitors during daily dive shows.

Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery™

Both a hospital and a guest experience, Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery™ makes the real-life rehabilitation of sick and injured sea turtles visible to every guest. Experience each patient’s remarkable journey from rescue, to rehabilitation, to release.

Carolina Seas

Located just inside the entrance, the 15,000-gallon Carolina Seas tank houses our collection of colorful fish found around reef habitats off the coast.

The Shallows

Feed by hand the cownose rays and southern stingrays in The Shallows! At our newest interactive experience, give the rays a fishy treat between 10:15 a.m. and 4 p.m. each day, while supplies last. To try it yourself, purchase a stingray feeding voucher for $5 at the admission gate or information desk during your next visit.

Backyard Habitat

Visit our “backyard” and take home ideas for your own yard. Featuring native plants and animal shelters, this educational garden presents ideas that you can replicate in your backyard to attract native birds, butterflies and beneficial insects.


Experience “Monsters: From Micro to Mega” throughout the Aquarium! With larger-than-life sculptures, interactive exploration, photo opportunities and more, enjoy learning about the vital role these creepy creatures play in our ecosystem.

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