Homeschool Explorers Club

Dive into fun and learning with our four-part series especially for homeschooling families!
Homeschool Explorers Club sessions deliver thematic activities designed for homeschooling families and their children in grades K-12. Each session includes age-appropriate classroom lessons, learning stations throughout the Aquarium, animal enrichments and a scavenger hunt.

Pricing Per Session
 General AdmissionAquarium Members
Grades K - 8 $17.95$9.50
Grades 9 - 12$23.95$13.50
Register for all four sessions at once!

Enjoy discounted pricing and ensure your students have a spot in all four sessions when you register for the series in advance. To purchase series tickets, call (843) 577-FISH (3474).

 Full Series
(total price)
Price Per Session
Grades K - 8 $38.00$9.50
Grades 9 - 12$54.00$13.50

2018-19 Sessions

All sessions take place from 10 am to 1 pm. Doors open and registration begins at 9 am.

Bird Brains

September 19, 2018
Birds of a feather flock together to learn about fabulous fowl! Find out about the species of birds that call the Aquarium home, including an American kestrel, a Bald eagle, a Brown pelican and more. Explore unique adaptations that make birds special. Learn about birds in your own backyard and explore the STEM connection between nature and humans by learning about biomimicry.

Ocean Exploration

November 28, 2018
It makes up 97% of Earth’s water, but only 5% has been explored. We currently know more about outer space than our own oceans here on Earth. Come discover the world of ocean exploration. Learn why we explore, how we explore, what has been discovered, and who explores our oceans. Take home some new ideas about how you can protect and conserve our planet’s oceans from the waves on our beaches to the deepest ecosystems in the world.

Animal Rescue & Research

January 16, 2019
Birds, turtles, otters and more – learn about the rescued ambassador animals of the aquarium. Find out about animal research projects that expand from water, land, and even in air. You too can become a citizen scientist to help our local wildlife.

Herp Heroes: Reptiles & Amphibians

March 20, 2019
Practice your herpetology skills by learning about these cold-blooded creatures. Discover what an indicator species is and which reptiles and amphibians are considered indicator species. Find out more about citizen scientist opportunities like iNaturalist, where you report what you see in nature and FrogWatch,  where you help protect wetlands by reporting on the calls of frogs and toads. Hear about how the pet trade affects these creeping, crawling critters and how you can make responsible decisions about pet ownership.


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