Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Aquarium

Visit the Aquarium from the comfort of your classroom by booking a Virtual Field Trip! All Virtual Field Trips are $150 for 30 minutes. Zoom platform is preferred but any conferencing platform can be used. For additional details or questions, please contact distancelearning@scaquarium.org.

*Virtual Field Trips are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit your needs; example programs are listed below.*

Visit the Sea Turtle Care Center™

Come face-to-face with the patients in our Sea Turtle Care Center and learn about the process of rescue, rehabilitation and release. Classes for older students can include footage of surgeries or other specific topics.

Great Ocean Voyage

“Dive into” the deepest tank in North America, our Great Ocean Tank, and learn about the animals that call it home.

Saltmarsh Expedition

Take a trip through the saltmarsh and explore the delicate balance of this ecosystem. Meet rescued animals and discover how to protect this habitat.

Mountain-Swamp Trek

Start at the top of the mountains, meet our resident river otters and learn all about their special adaptations. Then travel to the swamp and discover the differences and similarities between these two habitats.