Digital Membership Card FAQ

The South Carolina Aquarium offers digital membership cards! Fully integrated with mobile wallets, digital cards help us further our mission by eliminating plastic usage and reducing printing costs. Now, you never have to worry about forgetting your membership card when you visit!


How do I add the membership card to my iPhone?

Access the email from your smartphone and click the “Download” button, then click “Add to Wallet” and “Add.” The card will automatically sync to your iPhone’s Apple Wallet, and it can be accessed in Apple Wallet at any time.

How do I add the membership card to my Android phone?

Android users need to download Google Wallet. Please note, you do not need the paid version of this app. After you have the app, access the membership email from your smartphone and click the “Download Membership” graphic at the bottom to transfer your membership card to your virtual wallet.

I renewed or upgraded my membership. Will I receive a new, digital membership card emailed to me?

No. Once you download your digital membership card to your smartphone device, your card will automatically update in your wallet within 24 hours of purchasing your renewal or upgrade. If you notice your digital membership card did not update, refresh your wallet and make sure to toggle on the option to allow automatic updates.

What if I don’t have access to an email account, smartphone or I prefer a physical card?

If you prefer, we are happy to send you a recyclable, paper membership card. Please email [email protected] or call (843) 577-FISH (3474) to request a card by mail. Please allow five to seven business days for your card to arrive.

Will I still need to show my identification with my digital card?

Yes. We want to ensure that no one else is using your membership benefits. Please show your digital membership card at Admissions when checking in and at the Gift Shop to receive your member discount.

If there are multiple people on my membership, will everyone receive their own digital card?

All adult members that are named on the membership should provide an email address to receive their own digital membership card. If an individual doesn’t have an email address on file, they will not receive a card. If you only received one email from us and your membership has two members, please email us at [email protected] to provide an email for the second named member. If the primary member receives two emails from us, simply forward the email addressed to that member to them and they can download their card that way.

I have additional questions about my membership. Who do I contact?

For additional questions, to have your card resent or to update the information on your digital membership card, please email us at [email protected] or (843) 577-FISH (3474).

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