The Heart of What We Do

Our team of award-winning educators combine the joy of learning with the wonders of nature through STEM-based programming and interactive activities. Their love and knowledge of water, wildlife and wild places inspire people to become protectors of our planet and spark the conservationists of tomorrow, lighting the way for kids and adults alike to be lifelong advocates for wildlife. Education is truly the heart of what we do.

Virtual Sea Turtle Visit

Distance Learning

Our Distance Learning programs bring the Aquarium to you through Virtual Field Trips, Critter Calls and Education Outreach.

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High School Intern Program

This competitive, paid internship and training course provides hands-on professional experiences and environmental stewardship opportunities to 20 tri-county high school juniors.

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Teen Science Café

South Carolina Aquarium Teen Science Café out-of-school programs are a free, fun way for teens to explore the big advances in science and technology affecting their lives. Teens and STEM experts engage in lively conversations and activities to explore a topic deeply.

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Job Shadow Program

Our exciting Job Shadow Program allows students in grades 6 to 12 to gain a glimpse into the aquarium world. Students get the opportunity to observe jobs that keep the Aquarium afloat, like that of an aquarist, an educator or a mammal behaviorist.

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Splash Program

The Splash Program is a fun opportunity for 13-15-year-old students to volunteer with a parent or guardian as exhibit guides and share the Aquarium’s mission.

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Dominion Energy
School Programs

The Aquarium proudly offers free programming to schools through donation-funded Dominion Energy School Programs. Students visiting the Aquarium as part of Dominion Energy School Programs participate in classroom activities that reinforce South Carolina state science standards.

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Holland Lifelong Learning

Holland Lifelong Learning allows you to explore top issues in conservation, research and science with expert-led discussions geared toward adults in a relaxed social environment.

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Science at Sunset

Join our dedicated and enthusiastic staff on an adventure through the Aquarium at night! You group will explore the Aquarium’s exhibits and galleries, learn about our natural world, come face to face with live animals and create amazing memories.

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Teacher Resources

We provide resources for our fellow educators and teachers, from our Online Curriculum to professional development opportunities.

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