Sensory Inclusion

Sensory Inclusion

The South Carolina Aquarium has partnered with KultureCity, an organization dedicated to creating inclusion and acceptance for all individuals with unique abilities. The Aquarium is proud to be the first organization in South Carolina to be certified by KultureCity as a sensory-inclusive establishment. This new certification will promote an accommodating and positive experience for all Aquarium guests by preparing Aquarium staff and volunteers to connect visitors of all abilities to water, wildlife and wild places.

Sensory-Inclusive Resources

Sensory Bags include fidget tools, noise-reducing headphones and other resources. They may be checked out at the Information Desk and Admissions by leaving a driver’s license or other form of identification.

Visitors can request a special map at Admissions or the Information Desk or download one prior to your visit. This map identifies areas where guests can expect loud noises and areas that are typically quieter.

To assist visitors with remaining seated for an extended time, the South Carolina Aquarium offers a weighted lap pad for check out at the Information Desk on a first-come, first-served basis with photo identification.

Aquarium Stories highlight parts of the Aquarium from a first-person perspective and helps visitors know what to expect during their visit. Aquarium Stories are available for download below:

All Things Need Water
Getting to the Aquarium
Aquarium Workers
Exploring the Aquarium
Exploring the Mountains
Exploring the Saltmarsh

The Aquarium’s frontline staff has received training designed to raise their awareness of sensory processing needs to make the Aquarium a more welcoming place for all to visit.

For more information and additional resources like the KultureCity All-Inclusive app, please visit KultureCity’s website.

Expedited entry can be arranged by calling or (843) 577-3474 (FISH).

Sensory sensitivities or challenges with sensory regulation are often experienced by individuals with autism, dementia, PTSD and other similar conditions. KultureCity is a leading non-profit recognized nationwide for using their resources to effect change in the community for those with sensory needs; not just those with autism.  KultureCity has certified more than 130 facilities nationwide, helping each destination become more welcoming of guests with sensory sensitivities by promoting and teaching sensory inclusion for all ages.

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