Dec 06

A Note From Our Teen Programs Coordinator

I’m Shelley Shrader, teen programs coordinator here at the South Carolina Aquarium. I believe in the power of investing in today’s teens. After all, we’re leaving the world in their hands to cultivate and conserve. At the cusp of entering young adulthood and spreading their wings (or fins!), teens…
Oct 09

Good Catch Seafood Connection

Mullet leaping from the watery depths, the hum of a fishing vessel, the perfume of the pluff mud and the swaying of saltmarsh grass… these are the sights, sounds and smells of the Lowcountry. Some may call it their vacation escape, but many of us call it home. Despite…
Aug 01

Another Case of Mistaken Identity

It’s time for another case of mistaken identity, folks! Walking through the Aquarium, there are thousands of animals to see, and it can be easy to confuse some of our charismatic creatures with others we’ve seen before. Let’s dive into some specifics about similar species that you may be…
Jun 30

Lionfish: As Unique as Their Stripes

Ah, the lionfish… beautiful, stealthy and always with a few (venomous) tricks up their spines. An invasive species, lionfish have been found wreaking havoc in waters where they wouldn't normally live — like off the coast of South Carolina. In fact, these marine invaders are causing so much ecological…
Apr 07
Feb 24

Good Catch is Back

You've likely heard the phrase "good catch!" Perhaps a loved one exclaimed it when you caught your first fish; you might hear it from your manager when you spot an error in a project at work; or you may receive it as a nod of approval when introducing friends…
Oct 19

Take Climate Action: Choose Local Seafood

October is here and so is National Seafood Month! In the Lowcountry, we're welcoming the onset of cooler temperatures by cooking steamy seafood dishes, from serving a Lowcountry boil overflowing with shrimp to stoking the flames for an oyster roast. Many local restaurants join in too, with daily seafood…
Jun 16

World Sea Turtle Day: Another Reason to Celebrate

The South Carolina Aquarium has another reason to celebrate World Sea Turtle Day thanks to the recently-introduced legislation to increase funding for sea turtle conservation. The Sea Turtle Rescue Assistance Act of 2022 will fill a crucial gap in sea turtle conservation by providing much-needed direct support to organizations…
Jun 08

We Owe It to the Ocean

She goes by many names – some familiar, some foreign – yet is widely known across countries, communities and cultures. The mere mention of her can conjure vivid memories overflowing with nostalgia, camaraderie, adventure and love. Unaffected by our differences, she connects our coasts, uniting us across miles. And…
May 09

History’s Mistaken Mermaids

As water temperatures rise, so do our chances of seeing manatees as they migrate from Florida. Murky waters make it difficult to discern true population numbers here in South Carolina, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for safe wildlife watching as we await their arrival! The scientific order…
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