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Dec 08

Creative Solutions for Holiday Scraps

The holidays are filled with magic and nostalgia, and for many of us, gifts wrapped or packaged in waste. There are dozens of ways to sustainably wrap the surprises you gift to your family and friends, but what do you do with the waste from the gifts you receive?…
Nov 01

Getting to the Root of Native Planting

South Carolina has no shortage of eye-catching and fragrant native plants to enjoy when you’re strolling through downtown Charleston, enjoying a day on the beach or hiking in the Upstate. But did you know these native plants combat climate change, lessen the pollution of our waterways and can be…
Jul 05

July Plastic Free Ecochallenge

Plastic is present in every aspect of our lives. It’s in our kitchens, bathrooms, cars, bedrooms… it’s even in our food. But can we change that for ourselves and future generations? Small and steady actions are the key to forming long-term habits — minimizing our plastic use is no…
May 01

Your Blue Mind: Aquariums and Mental Health

Let’s meditate a moment on water. Studies show that being in, on, under or near it can have positive effects on mental health. It can lower anxiety and reduce stress, while bolstering feelings of happiness and calm. It sustains life on Earth, while rejuvenating us in ways that may…
Mar 01

12 Ways to Connect to Nature Around Charleston

Whether you’re a Lowcountry local or visiting Charleston for some “R&R,” it’s likely that you’re looking to connect to the diverse environments of the Carolina coast in one way or another. Here at the South Carolina Aquarium, we’re pretty into nature... almost like it’s our job (wink). If you’re…
Sep 08

Data Drives Decisions

If you’ve ever attended a South Carolina Aquarium litter sweep in the community, you’ve contributed to a growing citizen science dataset. To date, more than 1,950 litter sweep participants have removed over two million pieces of debris from our natural areas and documented it all in the Litter-Free Digital…
Sep 07
Aug 08

Take Climate Action: Making Moves

There are ample ways to get from point A to point B; our animals at the Aquarium display a variety every day! As they’re making moves crawling, slithering, flying, swimming or a mixture of the aforementioned, we should consider our own transportation plans. The start of a new…
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