May 01
two river otters play in water, one upside-down facing the other

May the Fourth Be With You

In an Aquarium not so far, far away... we seek to connect people with one of our favorite trilogies: water, wildlife and wild places. Put on your robe, grab a lightsaber and pour a glass of blue milk because we’re rounding up some out-of-this-world facts about South Carolina wildlife,…
Apr 16

Sea Turtle 101: Species Identification

Did you know there are seven sea turtle species found in the world? Luckily for us here in South Carolina, four of the seven sea turtle species are found in our local waters: loggerhead, green, Kemp’s ridley and leatherback. Though they look alike to the untrained eye, we challenge…
Apr 08

A Resilient Little Green Named Ricotta

I’m Grace Buschiazzo, a sea turtle biologist here at the South Carolina Aquarium. My admiration for sea turtles began at 15 years old when I took a trip to Panama and Costa Rica to volunteer with leatherback sea turtle nesting projects. I will never forget how adorable those hatchlings…
Mar 01

Sensory Friendly Tips for Your South Carolina Aquarium Visit

A visit to the Aquarium typically includes laughter, learning and lots of interesting animals. It may also include a lot of sensory stimulation, which can make the experience overwhelming for some guests, particularly those who are autistic or have conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or…
Dec 08
Nov 01

Getting to the Root of Native Planting

South Carolina has no shortage of eye-catching and fragrant native plants to enjoy when you’re strolling through downtown Charleston, enjoying a day on the beach or hiking in the Upstate. But did you know these native plants combat climate change, lessen the pollution of our waterways and can be…
Aug 17
Caretta wedges herself in the corner of the Great Ocean Tank in order to take a nap.

Ask an Expert: Caretta’s CURRENT Sleeping Arrangement

Ah... a long, leisurely nap floating in a peaceful water current. That sounds lovely... in theory. But have you ever spotted our resident sea turtle, Caretta, taking a snooze? You'll frequently find her wedged between the acrylic and the coral structures in the Great Ocean Tank in a rather…
Jul 21


Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta) Stranding Location: South Litchfield Beach, SC Arrival Date: 7/1/23 Age: Subadult Weight: 31.52 kg (69.34 lbs) Case History A very sick loggerhead sea turtle stranded on South Litchfield Beach and was found by a beachgoer who called the South Carolina Department of Natural…
Jul 11

Jaw Ready for Myths?

It’s Shark Week, and we’re tackling some myths about these creatures of the deep! Sharks are often misunderstood and feared, which can lead to unnecessary harm to their species (and a few more nerves on the water for us). Let’s take a bite out of some of these misconceptions…
Jun 08

A World of Water: Celebrating World Ocean Day

We live within a world of water. In fact, our planet’s five oceans unite to connect us in so many ways, and yet we still don’t fully comprehend them. Both above the waves and below, we benefit from the expansive offerings the ocean provides. Countless Contributions The ocean produces…
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