Jul 11

Jaw Ready for Myths?

It’s Shark Week, and we’re tackling some myths about these creatures of the deep! Sharks are often misunderstood and feared, which can lead to unnecessary harm to their species (and a few more nerves on the water for us). Let’s take a bite out of some of these misconceptions…
May 01

Your Blue Mind: Aquariums and Mental Health

Let’s meditate a moment on water. Studies show that being in, on, under or near it can have positive effects on mental health. It can lower anxiety and reduce stress, while bolstering feelings of happiness and calm. It sustains life on Earth, while rejuvenating us in ways that may…
Apr 27

Ask an Expert: What is Ulva?

Our city is an urban environment that naturally incorporates the outdoors in almost every aspect. Here, nature is all around us — we kayak on Shem Creek, dine waterside with family and friends and hike along nature trails on the weekend. In Charleston, nature is truly part of our…
Mar 17

Ask an Expert: The Medicinal Wonders of Honey

Honey: Tasty, sweet... and an antibiotic? It's true! Honey is not only used as a sweetener in food or for a quick snack — it also has many medicinal properties that make it ideal for healing wounds on humans and sea turtles alike! From anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to…
Dec 01
A roseate spoonbill flies across the Saltmarsh Aviary at the South Carolina Aquarium.

Ask an Expert: Why Are Roseate Spoonbills Pink?

Picture this: During your visit to the Aquarium, you’re taking a stroll through the Saltmarsh Aviary when all of a sudden, there’s a flash of pink. Next thing you know, two small, flamingo-like birds appear. From the ground up, they're quite a colorful sight: bright pink feet and slender…
Dec 01

Who in the World is Brian Skerry?

How could you impact the world if, every day, you had the opportunity to share experiences with humanity that most will never witness in their lifetime? For Brian Skerry, National Geographic Explorer and celebrated underwater photographer, he captures these rare moments and shares them with the world, spreading messages…
Nov 29

Giving Tuesday: Support the Future of Our Education Programs

Dear Aquarium family, I’m Brian Thill, director of education here at the Aquarium. One day, I was walking along the Charleston Harbor with a colleague when we came across the Maritime Center. I gazed at it, with its four big garage bay doors and its balcony overlooking the harbor,…
Mar 16

Sea Turtle 101: What Do Sea Turtles See?

Imagine gliding through the ocean, just below the water's surface. Your vision, clear and sharp, allows you to peer out into the open sea at long distances. Passing through the filtered rays of sunlight, your head breaks the surface for a breath of air. Up here, you're a bit…
Mar 17
interns kayaking

Interns in the Field with Coastal Expeditions

On a bright and sunny Sunday in February, our high school interns got the opportunity to explore the world outside our walls, specifically, Shem Creek, with the help of Coastal Expeditions. Armed with paddles, life jackets, sunscreen and a desire for…
Dec 01

An Ode to Parents

It was in the spring that our worlds were turned upside down. The country went into a state of national crisis, with schools closing their doors and businesses urging employees to work remotely. Stay-at-home orders were instated to protect the public health. These were uncharted waters, and parents, as…
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