Oct 09

Good Catch Seafood Connection

Mullet leaping from the watery depths, the hum of a fishing vessel, the perfume of the pluff mud and the swaying of saltmarsh grass… these are the sights, sounds and smells of the Lowcountry. Some may call it their vacation escape, but many of us call it home. Despite…
Apr 07
Feb 24

Good Catch is Back

You've likely heard the phrase "good catch!" Perhaps a loved one exclaimed it when you caught your first fish; you might hear it from your manager when you spot an error in a project at work; or you may receive it as a nod of approval when introducing friends…
Oct 19

Take Climate Action: Choose Local Seafood

October is here and so is National Seafood Month! In the Lowcountry, we're welcoming the onset of cooler temperatures by cooking steamy seafood dishes, from serving a Lowcountry boil overflowing with shrimp to stoking the flames for an oyster roast. Many local restaurants join in too, with daily seafood…
Jul 24

Safe Fishing Practices: Reducing Sea Turtle Hooks

Tourism is a vital part of South Carolina’s economy. With a coastline rich with fresh seafood, beautiful beaches and fishing opportunities, tourists come to enjoy the beauty and bounty of our shores. One of the favored pastimes of South Carolina’s visitors is casting a baited hook into the surf.…
Jul 23

Meet our Good Catch Partner, The Glass Onion!

Good Catch partner restaurants are committed to sourcing a high portion of locally harvested seafood. It is this commitment to sustainable oceans and the preservation of our wild fish stocks that bring these restaurants to the front lines of the sustainable food movement. We love when Lowcountry restaurants align…
Jun 24

New Good Catch Partner – Piggly Wiggly on Hilton Head!

On Hilton Head Island, the local Piggly Wiggly is a gem on all accounts. Operating for more than half a century, it’s one of the few remaining family-owned grocery stores in South Carolina. Being a second-generation business is special on its own, but the store has developed since its…
Jun 24

A Conversation with Sea Pines Resort

Local and sustainable seafood options is what South Carolina Aquarium Good Catch promotes and celebrates. When the food you purchase is sourced locally, you are helping your community grow and thrive. When it’s sourced sustainably, you’re helping guarantee a healthy future for the environment it came from. The restaurants…
May 26

What’s Cooking: Pan Seared Triggerfish

Triggerfish may be a smaller species of fish, but they make up for it with big taste. Their white meat has a similar taste to crab meat when it's cooked, and has a sweetness that differentiates it from other fish. Under U.S. regulations, U.S. wild-caught gray triggerfish are sustainably…
Apr 24

The Good Catch Mindset: Think Local, Buy Local, Eat Local.

It’s no secret, times are tough right now for many of us. People are reevaluating their priorities, changing their habits and pinching their pennies. This strain doesn’t only apply to individuals, businesses are feeling it too. Now more than ever, small businesses are counting on us to stay afloat.…
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