Aqualympics 2016: Lemurs, Lobsters, Otters, and Toads! | South Carolina Aquarium

Aqualympics 2016: Lemurs, Lobsters, Otters, and Toads!

Aug 04

Aqualympics 2016: Lemurs, Lobsters, Otters, and Toads!

Welcome to the 2016 Aqualympics! Our Olympian lineup has athletes from many different walks (or swims, or flies, or hops) of life! It’s about to be a zoo up in here!

Gymnastics: THE LEMURS

Aqualympics Coach (and animal behaviorist) Kendle Enter coaches Josephine the Red Ruffed Lemur during her daily gymnastics routine. Using halved grapes, Coach Enter leads Josephine into the “inverted grape grab,” a technically difficult position for even the most advanced gymnast. Let’s see how she does…

And Josephine nails it! Tens across the board!

Water Polo: THE OTTERS

World-renowned synchronized swimmer, Stono and backstroke bronze medalist, Ace are getting ready for a one-on-one game of water polo. Coach Enter whets Stono and Ace’s appetite for victory with some yummy fish before throwing them a treat-filled water polo ball. And Stono’s got it! Watch as he performs the eggbeater kick…such stamina…such endurance. He moves so fast he’s a blur!

Stono’s illustrious career in synchronized swimming really paid off!


Aqualympics Coach (and aquarist) Sallie Behrend coaches Larry, the little lobster and Basil, the king of the tank, in a rousing game of fencing! And oh man, do the gloves come off! Basil is all offense as he lunges into battle – let’s see if Larry’s parrying skills are up to snuff…

We’re pretty sure that move’s not in fencing, Lar…

Long Jump: THE TOAD

This ole’ toad’s a one man show! Aqualympics Coach (and herpetologist) Josh Zalabak preps Clyde for the long jump. A three-time gold medalist and fly catching enthusiast, Clyde has been perfecting the long jump since he first left the lily pad at the young age of 4.  He’s about to give those toad teams from across the pond a hop for their money. We’re ribbeted…

Uh…stay tuned for a message from our sponsors…

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