Beyond the Classroom: Whole Foods and GrowFood Carolina | South Carolina Aquarium

Beyond the Classroom: Whole Foods and GrowFood Carolina

Oct 15

Beyond the Classroom: Whole Foods and GrowFood Carolina

On Thursday, October 16, the South Carolina Aquarium, in partnership with Whole Foods Market and GrowFood Carolina, will be hosting an exciting “Beyond the Classroom” event at the GrowFood Warehouse at 990 Morrison Street.

This event is presented by the Aquarium’s newest donor community, the Watershed Society. Featuring delicious, local, and sustainable dishes from the chefs at Whole Foods Market, Edmund’s Oast and Oak Steakhouse, the evening will highlight tips and best practices related to sustainable dining efforts in our state’s aquaculture and agriculture industries. Guests will have the opportunity to hear more about GrowFood and Whole Foods Market’s contributions to promoting local and sustainable fare, and learn about Good Catch, the Aquarium’s newly enhanced sustainable seafood program.

Thanks to Food Waste Disposal, LLC and the generosity of Whole Foods Market, the entire event will be waste-free! Whole Foods Market will be providing compostable paper products that will be used for the food and beverage service, and Food Waste Disposal will set up compost resource recovery stations to collect all items at the end of the event. Additional items that are not compostable will be recycled and reused! This is a great organizational priority for the Aquarium, and we look forward to continuing to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and inspire others to care for the natural world.

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