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Apr 07


green (Chelonia mydas)

Stranding Location: Folly River, SC

Arrival Date: 04/27/2013

Age: juvenile

Weight: 4 kg (~ 9 lb.)

Case History

Captain Gresh Megget of Absolute Reel Screamer Charters deserves a huge thanks for rescuing this little green sea turtle from the water. Gresh noticed the turtle, now named “Crosby,” swimming erratically and covered in epibionts, which is a sign of long-term lethargy. This early in-water rescue is beneficial for two great reasons: it prevented this turtle from continuing to suffer while his health declined to the point where he may have stranded on the beach, and it will likely result in a quicker recovery period in our hospital.


STRP staff don’t always dress so well to treat sick and injured sea turtles! Reminiscent of 2010 and the stranding of a loggerhead named Gala, Crosby was rescued on the night of our annual Stewardship Gala, which recognizes community members who are accomplished supporters of environmental causes. Crosby’s health was assessed via physical exam and blood work by our vet upon admittance. Appropriate fluids and antibiotics were administered to treat mild respiratory acidosis (i.e. a lack of breathing results in the buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood, causing it to become acidic) and significant hypoproteinemia (low blood protein levels). Minor carapace wounds were flushed and treated, and Crosby was placed in a very shallow tank of water overnight.


9 May 2013: Crosby is slowly making improvements. He is strong enough to swim in several feet of water, and is eating his fish diet well. However, he refuses to eat the healthy, organic, donated vegetables we offer him daily! A fecal on 4/29 contained duct tape, so we are monitoring his fecals for additional foreign materials. So far, we are pleased with Crosby’s progress.

22 July 2013: Although Crosby has made great improvements while in our care, he is still a little thin (a pronounced entoplastron bone). A few more weeks of a healthy diet should do the trick! We are optimistic for an August release date!

Release Date

Release Location

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