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Words of Gratitude to our Good Catch Supporters

Nov 25

Words of Gratitude to our Good Catch Supporters

To the Good Catch family,

As we near the holidays, we are blessed with many opportunities to break bread with our family (or chosen family), friends and neighbors. It is a time for being grateful for each other and the food before us; a time to come together to heal wounds and give love; a time to honor the hands that made this harvest possible.

Here at the South Carolina Aquarium we have a tremendous amount of thanks to share:

We’d like to acknowledge our ride-or-die Good Catch dinner groupies who come out time and time again to enjoy good conversation, good company and good seafood. It is you who help us collectively build a thriving sustainable seafood economy!

We’d like to thank our Good Catch partners. These businesses get it; they are doing it right and deserve all the high-fives for committing to practices that benefit our oceans and coastal communities. Thank you for hosting us, season after season, for memorable Good Catch dinners that strengthen the threads of the sustainable seafood community we’ve been proudly cultivating since 2002!

And finally, we’d like to thank our local fishermen. In the wake of the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit in New York, a key finding that’s been making its way through headlines is that we need to be eating more food from the ocean. This is because of its extremely low carbon footprint per pound of protein produced. As municipalities, businesses and communities are convening conversations about what steps they can take to lessen the blow of climate change, we need to shine a spotlight of huge thanks on the community who has been doing it right, the community who is our solution. So to our fishermen who bring us good, clean and fair seafood that honors the waters and culture of the Lowcountry, thank you!

This holiday season, we encourage you to pay this thanks forward by bringing food to your gatherings that honor the communities, land and waters that we call home. We wish you all a meaningful Thanksgiving.

Peace, love and appreciation,


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