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I Spy: Surprising Aquarium Aglow Details

Dec 08

I Spy: Surprising Aquarium Aglow Details

Much like the popular “Christmas pickle” ornament tradition, Aquarium Aglow has fun aquatic themes and sea-worthy surprises sprinkled throughout for you to find. Follow along to know exactly where to look!

A Feather… Well, Star… in This Cap

Once you enter Aquarium Aglow and step upon the escalator, you’re bound to gawk at two giant 15-foot nutcrackers leading the way! These figures were fabricated by our incredible exhibits team, but that’s not the only amazing fact about them. As you move upward, take a close look at the nutcrackers’ hats. A sea star holds decorative plumage in each!

Elves Would Be JELLY of This Hidden Exhibit

Aquarium Aglow may be full of grand displays and larger-than-life holiday decorations, but if you look closely, you can find a mini exhibit hidden in the Coast gallery. As you marvel at Mel the goliath grouper or observe an octopus in the camouflage exhibit, direct your eyes downward. To the right of our spiny lobsters, just under a tank of spadefish, there’s a small window in the floorboard. Take a peek inside to see a neon nook of colorful figurines!

Are You Bubbling With Excitement Yet?

As you ascend the staircase beneath our giant kraken, you’ll notice a fun bubble wall at the top. If you look closely, you’ll notice four small buttons, two on each side of this installation. Just like Buddy the Elf in an elevator, you can press all these buttons, and when you do, you’ll get a surprise showing of different animal shapes. Join a friend to press all four and see what glowing creatures appear!

Look Toward the Roof… I Mean Reef

As you gaze up at the Great Ocean Tank from the first floor, take a moment to examine the chandeliers beaming with blue light above you. These fixtures take inspiration from coral, a staple of any ocean environment, and give guests a sense of being in a sea of light. The patterns created through the structures mimic water rippling along the floor as you journey through Aquarium Aglow!

Ornaments for the Tree’s ElasmoBRANCHES

A trip through The Shallows during Aquarium Aglow is sure to light up your world. Bright and bold colors stream across the water while cownose and southern rays swim by. Before you move to the next stop in your Aglow experience, take a moment to look at the shapes within the large hanging pendants — you’ll see stingrays and horseshoe crabs delicately stenciled within!

Whether you still need to visit Aquarium Aglow for the first time or you want to come back for seconds (or thirds, fourths or fifths), look out for these fun surprises as you enjoy your night out!


Published December 8, 2023

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