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Show us your #FishFace, Jen!

Nov 06

Show us your #FishFace, Jen!

Name: Jen Skoy

Occupation: Aquarist

With the South Carolina Aquarium since: 2009

Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia

When I was a kid, I wanted to be: a marine biologist.

I work at the Aquarium because: I love the ocean, and I love being able to care for some of its amazing creatures.

My day starts with: a Diet Mountain Dew while I walk through the Aquarium, checking on my animals and tanks.

If I could be any fish in the Aquarium, I would be a: stingray, because they always look happy.

The coolest gadget I use at work is: the sand filter; it keeps the water clean for all the animals.

A perfect day at work for me would be: going out on the boat, shark fishing!

On the weekend I like to: go to Gamecock baseball and football games, cook, and hang out with my friends.

My favorite part of my job: is that it’s different every day. I never know what’s going to happen.

If I could share a meal with any animal, it would be: Alabaster the albino alligator. He eats lots of yummy chicken – although I’d like mine cooked!

An animal I am passionate about is the: shark. Sharks are amazing animals but are often misunderstood. At the Aquarium, we get the opportunity educate people about sharks and debunk the myths, which I think is important for understanding these animals.

If I could share one conservation tip with you, it would be: Recycle!

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