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Murrells Inlet

Oct 13

Murrells Inlet

Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: Murrells Inlet, SC

Arrival Date: 10/13/2007

Age: juvenile

Weight: 27kg

Case History

This little loggerhead has 2 boat strike fractures on the top of the carapace. Had the strike been any deeper it would have probably hit the spine. The turtle was healthy prior to being hit and the wounds are very fresh. This will certainly aid her in healing!


Wound treatment includes daily betadine and silver sulfadiazine flushes. The turtle is recieving antibiotic and vitamin injections. 12/18/07 Murrell has been getting oral antibiotics for about a month now and the antibiotic treatment is scheduled to end on Dec. 19.


4 November 2007: Murrell is doing well and eating live blue crabs regularly. The wounds are going to take long time to heal but the turtle is in a good place to stay for a while:)

18 December 2007: Murrell is a really funny turtle, very active and inquisitive of everything! The wound is healing well. Slowly but surely this little guy is getting better!

19 May 2008: The wounds are 50% covered in new keratin. It will be a while before we see full coverage of the wounds but it is doing well.

24 September 2008: Murrel continues to charm guests at the Turtle Hospital by coming right up to the window each time someone is there. The wounds are about 70% covered in new keratin and we will overwinter this turtle again to see full keratin growth over the wound.

17 November 2008: To enrich the sea turtles in the hospital, we regularly give live blue crabs, frozen fish pops and add colorful toys to the tanks. We also like to add fishes to the tanks of patients that overwinter with us to give them additional stimulation. A group of pinfish were added to Murrel’s tank last week and acclimated well for the first few days. Over the weekend, we caught Murrell chasing down and eating several of the fish! We are extremetly excited that Murrell has this ability but will have to reconsider live fish as enrichment for her!

4 May 2009: Murrell and Little Pritchard are going to be the next to be released. Keep checking this page to find out when and where!

Release Date


Release Location

Folly Beach County Park, SC

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