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Jan 22


Loggerhead (Caretta caretta)

Stranding Location: Sandy Neck, Massachusetts

Arrival Date: 1/11/2016

Age: Juvenile

Weight: 24.84 kg (55 lb.)

Case History

Quincy is a cold stunned juvenile loggerhead that stranded on Sandy Neck Beach Park in the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod. This minimally responsive sea turtle was transported to the New England Aquarium (NEAq) on 1/05/16 for treatment, after prolonged exposure to cold water. Upon admission to the NEAq, the patient was given Atropine as his/her heart rate was barely detectable at 2 beats per minute (BPM). Once stabilized Quincy was transported by plane to the South Carolina Aquarium (SCA) on Monday 1/11/16 with fellow Sea Turtle Hospital (STH) patients Chaz, and Sandwich.


Once Quincy safely arrived to the SCA s/he received a physical examination by hospital staff and aquarium veterinarian. Radiographs revealed the beginning stages of pneumonia. The loggerhead was put on Ceftazidime, a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is commonly used in reptile medicine. This antibiotic will be given every three days until further notice. Hospital staff will monitor the patient closely for any clinical signs of the pneumonia and repeat radiographs will be taken in early February. Prognosis is good.


14 January 2016: Quincy is intermittently seen floating vertically face down in her tank, and periodically has difficulty controlling her buoyancy. S/he is however is able to come up for air and is capable of resting on the bottom of the tank. Despite being offered various types of food, Quincy is uninterested in eating. Staff is hopeful that s/he will begin eating soon, as it is not uncommon for patients to take a few days to adjust to a novel diet of thawed frozen fish.

16 January 2016: Quincy is still reluctant to eat and has continue to show no interest in food. Hospital staff has been coaxing her to eat with the use of tongs, and by gently placing the food in his/her mouth. Fluid therapy was started today to help maintain the turtle’s proper amount of sugar and electrolytes until s/he is reliably eating.

22 January 22, 2016: Quincy’s activity level has increased drastically over the past few days. S/he is now reliably eating from the tongs and defecating. Repeat radiographs will be performed on Monday to monitor the progression of the pneumonia.

11 February 2016: Today Quincy was taken to the medical facility for repeat radiographs and a physical examination. Radiographically there were no signs of pneumonia. Quincy has completed the course of antibiotics and has resolved all buoyancy abnormalities. S/he is definitely not shy about eating anymore and eagerly eats the pound of mackerel within a couple minutes.


18 April 16 Quincy has been a stellar patient. S/he is eager to eat, active and definitely a fan favorite during tours. Quincy is one of our best eaters and loves devouring the frozen fish pops that we give as a form of enrichment! This turtle has been doing so well that we are anticipating a May release.

Release Date

May 10, 2016

Release Location

Isle of Palms County Park

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