Nov 20

The Seafood Spin on Family Feasts

It finally feels like fall in the Lowcountry! The heat is no longer engulfing us, the sunlight dissipates when the work day ends, and the beaches have become a location for locals again. Around this time of year, nostalgia starts to kick in as we trek home for the holidays,…
Nov 11

Making a Good Catch: Sustainable Fishing Methods

Numerous fishing methods are used to bring delicious seafood to our dinner tables. Understanding how seafood is caught is important when deciding what to order at a restaurant or when purchasing seafood at the grocery store. The fishing methods described here are commonly used off the South Carolina coast. Ask…
Aug 12

Ask Before You Order to Help End Illegal Shark Finning

Sharks are fascinating, yet often misunderstood. These captivating creatures have been portrayed in the media and pop culture as ferocious killers for years as a result of movies like “Jaws,” but the truth is that humans should be helping to protect them, not fear them. As top ocean predators, they…
Jul 30

Pane e Vino: A Good Catch Dinner

Monday, August 31, savor an authentic Italian four-course Good Catch dinner at Pane e Vino! Chef Alfredo Temelini has prepared a mouthwatering menu with wine pairings that includes only the freshest, finest ingredients. A Good Catch Platinum Partner, Pane e Vino goes above and beyond, working with Good Catch Manager…
Feb 13

Homeschool Explorers Club: Fish

The Aquarium’s third Homeschool Explorers Club went swimmingly on Wednesday, January 14. Students of all ages learned about fish with interactive activities such as a fish-themed scavenger hunt, a dive show and feeding in the Great Ocean Tank, and a special shark talk with Aquarist Jen Skoy. Education stations around…
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