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Shark Shallows Becomes The Shallows

Feb 10

Shark Shallows Becomes The Shallows

Members and Aquarium guests, we have some exciting news! The exhibit known as Shark Shallows is changing – the spotlight will now be placed on the classiest of the chondrichthyes class, the most charismatic of the extraordinary elasmobranchii…you guessed it…


Cownose rays and southern stingrays will be the stars of our newly revamped exhibit, now entitled The Shallows. What’s the reason behind this, you may ask?

Well, you could say we came to a crossroads of sorts. The copper treatment and subsequent removal was finished, and the sharks were ready to be reintroduced. But first, we decided to pause and consider the guest experience since removing the sharks.

Guests have reported that the atmosphere is more relaxed and fun. Though aquarium staff do strictly monitor the rays, they do not require the same degree of maintenance as the bonnetheads. This gives staff more time to engage and talk with guests. Staff are also able to be more creative and try new animal enrichment offerings with the rays. Focusing solely on the rays grants us the time and resources to explore new opportunities for engagement and guest experience. (We’re already throwing around some fun ideas, so stay tuned on that!)

No worries, shark-enthusiasts, you can still enjoy a touch experience with sharks in the second floor Touch Tank exhibit, where chain dogfish reside. Also, don’t forget to admire our bigger sharks from afar, as they gracefully glide through the Great Ocean Tank.

Many thanks to our members and guests for their patience and support as we navigated the new changes to this exhibit. We’re going to continue to add on to the The Shallows guest experience, so be sure to follow our website and social media pages for more updates.

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