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8 Tips for a Greener Holiday

Dec 12

8 Tips for a Greener Holiday

1. Hosting a party? Use reusable glassware, recyclable plasticware, and cloth napkins.

2. Turn that drawer full of old holiday cards into gift tags by cutting out festive shapes and attaching to gift box.

3. Purchase local, organic ingredients for your holiday meal. Don’t forget your reusable bags when you visit the store!

4. Send your holiday greetings on recycled paper cards. Or, send your well wishes via email or e-card.

5. Travel during off-peak hours to avoid traffic, this will help save you gas and time.

6. Put a twist on wrapping gifts! Cover your recyclable boxes in reusable fabrics or the comics from last week’s newspaper.

7. When you pick out the perfect family Christmas tree, remember to buy local. After the holiday, compost your tree with Charleston County.

8. Traveling over the holidays? Turn off and unplug all your electrical items at your home and office. Saving energy will save you money; stash it away for next year’s holiday season!

Happy Holidays from the South Carolina Aquarium!

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