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April is Eat Local Month!

Apr 12

April is Eat Local Month!

Did you know that seafood is one of the leading sources of protein consumed by humans? It’s super healthy, too! Luckily for us Charlestonians, we live in a seafood Mecca! Fresh fish, shrimp, crab, oysters, clams and more are coming right into our docks. You would think that any of these items you order in a coastal restaurant along the coast would be fresh and local but often, that’s not the case. Much of the seafood caught in South Carolina waters is exported and much of the seafood served in restaurants is imported. That’s why we have to be diligent about the restaurants and markets from which we buy our seafood.

April is the 6th annual Eat Local Month, an initiative created by Lowcountry Local First in an effort to engage the community in eating what is ripe and in season, while connecting consumers with local farms and food businesses. Supporting local fishermen is part of these efforts and that’s what Good Catch is all about!

Local seafood is fresher, healthier and it doesn’t have to travel far to get to your plate like imported seafood, therefore, it has a much smaller carbon footprint. In addition, local fishermen are some of the most sustainable across the globe so supporting them is the right thing to do for ocean health…and for your health, too! Ask Before You Order to learn whether your seafood is coming from local sources. Choosing local seafood is not only a healthier choice but a thoughtful choice to help our local fishing community thrive.

We would love to see all of the delicious, fresh and local seafood you’re eating! Show us on social media using the hashtag #GoodCatch along with Lowcountry Local First’s hashtag #EatLocalChs.

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