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Bon Voyage, Briar

May 04

Bon Voyage, Briar

Briar is our trailblazer.

Not only was she the first patient to undergo cataract surgery, but she was also the hospital’s first repeat patient. Two years after she was released, Briar arrived at the hospital again with a boat strike. Hospital staff took one glance at the patient’s size and distinct flipper shape, and identified her immediately. That’s how much love and dedication goes into the rehabilitation of the sea turtles. A couple of years and many patients later, hospital staff recognized Briar.

Today, we bid this beloved turtle farewell at the season’s first beach release.

She returned home under a cool-blue sky, a pleasant breeze rolling the waves into crests and peaks, during a perfect spring morning on Isle of Palms. While it was a private release, a few lucky beach-goers stood by and watched as Briar met the waves, cheering her on all the while.

Bon voyage, Briar – we were so fortunate to be part of your journey.

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