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Nov 24


Green (Chelonia mydas)

Stranding Location: South Core, Carteret County, NC

Arrival Date: 11/24/2008

Age: juvenile

Case History

There is a cold-stunning event in NC where cold weather has caused water temperatures drop suddenly. In this situation, sea turtles become very lethargic and aren’t able to migrate to warmer waters. Symptoms of a cold-stunned sea turtle are listless behavior, possible pneumonia and frostbite.


Aside from warming the turtles slowly to the desired core temperature, we have given antibiotics to prevent pneumonia and injectable vitamins. These animals are being monitored very closely!


12 December 2008: Although it took almost a week for Carter to start gaining strength, he is doing well. The little turtle is eating a diet of greens with a little fish for protein.

19 March 2009: This is the most beautiful green sea turtle! Little Carter has been cleared for release and will be taken offshore into warm waters very soon to rejoin the sea turtle population. Photos of the release will be posted to be sure to check back!

Release Date


Release Location

Offshore, SC

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